Redemption 2001 23rd - 25th February 2001

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Guest Stars:
Gareth Thomas - Blake of course!
Michael Sheard - Section Leader Klegg (Powerplay), Admiral Ozzel, Hitler, Mr Bronson, etc
Ron Thornton (Couldn't make it)
Andy Lane

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Friday 23rd February 2001  
Gareth and Michael in the opening Ceremony

'I Don't Need A Microphone!'

Londo on Stage in the opening ceremony
Ares the god of war in the opening ceremony
G'Kar Campaigning for Ruler of the Universe

Spike running for office in the Opening Ceremony

Schools out for Summer and Mr Bronson is conducting!

Steve Rogerson in the opening ceremony
Clangers run for office in the Opening Ceremony
Avon is attacked by two Klingons!
Its Buckie!
Qui Gon and a mad woman!
Its that mad woman again!!
The dancefloor fills up
They've got disco fever!!
Travis boogies away!
Avon takes to the dance floor!
Row Row Row yer boat!
Hawaii 5-0 on the dancefloor!
Young man!
Ivan on the dancefloor - literally!
Arrgh - its a Klingon!
Richard as Qui Gon, taking a breather at the bar!
Michael has an interesting dance partner!
Worship the SPAM!
All praise the SPAM!
Watch that flash!
SATURDAY 24th February 2001
Gareth in the is Blake a Terrorist Panel.
Michael Sheard getting set for the autographs.
Gareth at the Signing session

Say Cheese!

Michael - gotta exercise those face muscles!
"Love and Kisses - signed Section Leader Klegg!"
Its Captain Scarlet!
A shirt so bright - even Ivan can't see!
Herr Flick of the Gestapo enters the fancy dress compo.
Ares in the Cabaret
The winners of the fancydress
Gareth Thomas and Louise
Gareth again!
Its the ever camera shy Michael Sheard with Louise
David Walsh and Gareth in a panel
Steve and Louise
Its Ivan Borg!
Its Ivan Borg again!
eek! Mad woman alert!
YMCA at the disco
YMCA at the disco
Ivan and Richard go for a swing!
Lets dance around in a circle!
Round and Round the garden!
Michael conducts the Bohemian Rhapsody!
"Thats it wave your arms about"
Steve in his Rocky Horror Jacket
Disco King!
Ivan and Kayta
Some of the dancers take to the stage!
Its Kane - see how he gains the power of his pint glass!
The Big Red Machine grabs hold of Simon!
Michael dressed in his Rocky Horror gear!
We never saw this scene in Grange Hill!
Claire and Bobster
SUNDAY 25th February 2001
Spike - aided by Vila's Royal Mounties in his Ruler of the Universe Campaign
Michael Sheard commands the Federation trooper parade drill
Who killed Captain Sherridon ?
Look - someone actually followed our Liberator Handgun instructions!
The night isn't complete without a traffic cone!
Michael is Bagpuss's new friend!
Ivan attempts to pull the sword from the cone!
Vila's Royal Virgin Mounties

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