NEXUS 2000

7th - 9th July 2000 Jarvis National Hotel, Bristol.
See the official web page here.


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Guest Stars:
Walter Koenig - Pavel Chekov from Star Trek and Bester from Babylon5
Nicholas Courtney - Brigadier Left Bridge Stewart from Doctor Who
Paul Darrow - Avon of course!
Mystery Guest - Jacqueline Pearce - who didn't know she was coming to Nexus until Friday 7th!
Danny John-Jules - Cat from Red Dwarf.

Click the thumbnail for the full size picture:
Friday 7th July 2000  
Its Ambassador Londo

Stand to attention - its the Brigadier !

Richard Arnold - signing autographs.
Walter Koenig signing autographs.
No, we don't know anything about nuclear wessels!

Mmm thats a long one!

Steve- off to the Rocky Horror Show

Its Travis meets Servalan!
Look - I'm Tarrant!
SATURDAY 8th July 2000
Wow - Paul and Jacqueline!
It was that big!
Richard and his new mate!
Bob says hold it right there!
Teleport Now!
Its Jacqueline Pierce!
The only time you'll see Steve looking serious
Some amazing Borg outfits
Tribbles - I hate Tribbles urrrh!
Looks like she hasn't had too much sun!
Another excellent Borg outfit
Two of Vila's Maidens
Paul walking the dancefloor.
Princess Leia
Its The Tom Baker entry!
Another Tom Baker entry!
Its an assimilated Tribble!
Look how she cowers in fear next to Avon!
SUNDAY 9th July 2000
Danny on stage
Questions anyone?
Smile - say cheese!
Its the Cat!
End Ceremony
Walter goes for a field goal!
Its Tribble Wars!
Here catch!
Pictures From Louise Badsey - Please send your comments to her here.


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